Monday, October 15, 2007

Signs of the Apocalypse: I and II

As I shake off the effects of a very busy weekend involving yaks, a Great Space Coaster reunion party and several butternut squashes please enjoy the following signs that the world is indeed coming to an end:

1. Temple University Has More Wins in D-1 (or whatever they're calling it these days) Football than Notre Dame.

2. The Sweaty Irishman is reporting that he is cold.

Thanks to The 700 Level for bringing the Temple > Notre Dame factoid to my attention. And for those of you who don't know Sweaty, for him to be cold is like the Ocean saying it is suddenly dry. Seriously.

In an effort to warm Sweaty back up to his natural body temp of 107 degrees, I hereby present the lovely Juliane who is Temple U's entry in the America's Hottest College Girl contest.


FFMatt said...

We are all dead.See you in the afterlife. Dibs on your virgins.

jumbo said...

You got virgins? I got krimpets, which I thought was a pretty good way to spend eternity. I'll trade ya. I got regular, double icing, and jelly filled. Make me an offer.

FFMatt said...

(rolling eyes) Infidel. Everyone knows you get a butt-load of virgins in the afterlife, though I doubt any are jelly-filled.

Because they are vigins. They don't experement.