Friday, June 15, 2007

The Definitive 1000

We are going to be counting down the Definitive 1000 things. Why are they Definitive? Because The Friendly Friends have deemed them as such.

#988 - Vacation

The magnum opus by the Go-Go's becomes the first individual song to make the D-1000 List!

PSYCH. Just kidding about that. Not that the Go-Go's aren't wonderful ladies and all, but the actual entry is simply vacation

It's been just about 7 years since I entered into marital bliss with Mrs. Jewbacca. And it's been about that long since we've had a vacation just the two of us. Our honeymoon was in a rented cabin in the Poconos, and while nice, it wasn't the relaxing sun-soaked affair or exciting adventure trek that most people plan. What with all the firewood that needed to be chopped and freshly killed animals that needed to be dressed and processed so we could eat, we barely had time to just sit and bask in the glow of our new marriage.

Mrs. Jewbacca is quite a shot. We ate lots of cute woodland creatures that week.

Vacations since then have involved renting various shore houses with Mrs. Jewbacca's family. Not entirely relaxing either.

So we are overdue for this jaunt. We leave in a couple of days for a week of girlie drinks and sunburn on the beach in Jamaica.

Our travel agent.

A week away from the grind as the only husband-wife team of hired assassins working for the AARP. It's tough work, but the bennies are amazing. For every 25 baby boomers we "remove" from the membership rolls we get a gift card to the local Cheesecake Factory. It is a well deserved break.

But why is Vacation, a sort of nebulous concept really, on the list. First of all, because we say so. Second of all, vacation is awesome. It doesn't always matter where you go or how you get there. The concept of "being on vacation" is what matters. Eating food you aren't normally supposed to at home (such as Krispie Kremes for breakfast every morning), drinking copious amounts of beer in public (nothing like a six of High Life on the beach) and seeing the sights (like the inside of my eyelids after the aforementioned sixer of High Life) all on a WEEKDAY (!!!) are what make vacation D-1000 List-worthy.

This is Scarlett Johansson on Jamaica.

So suck it. While the temps rise into the 90's with 100% humidity here in PA, think of me sitting on the beach with a fruity drink in my hand.

And try to keep your lunch down.

I leave you in the good hands of the Sweaty Irishman and FFMatt.

I couldn't leave the massive cross section of Friendly Friends who are also fans of the Go-Go's hangin.....

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