Friday, December 21, 2007

WTF: Fantasy Sports Edition

ITEM: Me and Sweaty are playing for the championship of our Yahoo! Fantasy League. My Billy Ray Valentine squad is 10-3. Sweaty's Sweaty Irishman squad is a torrid 7-6.

WTF? I started Willie F'in Parker against the St. Louis D over Clinton Portis against the Minnesota D. Sweaty has LT and Brady. I am the champion of the world second place team in an 8 team league.

I don't care if Mrs. Jewbacca is a die hard Stiller fan, I HATE WILLIE F'IN PARKER!

[UPDATE: Sweaty did indeed beat me for the champeenship of our Yahoo! League. I left enough points on the bench to win. That's what stings the most.]

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