Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly About This Day in History

Invented everything... including your mom.

On this date in 1878 Thomas Alva Edison received a patent for his phonograph machine, allowing for the playing of recorded sound.

On this date in 1977 Fleetwood Mac releases “Rumours,” the single most overrated album of all time.

Seriously guys... sleep more than 13 minutes a day. And stop fucking so much. At this point you can't tell where a beard ends and pubes begin.

According to the Sweaty Irishman they celebrated by throwing a full-on, 70’s orgy complete with special guest Lou Ferrigno. He has it on good authority that Lou Ferrigno was involved in 71% of all orgies in the 70’s while Bill Bixby took his place in the other 29%. Of course, that might just be Sweaty's overactive imagination...

Dear god let's hope so.

You know Linsdey is thinking, "Thank god this rash I got from The Hulk has temporarily robbed me of sight... it smells really, really weird right now."

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