Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Only Thing That Could've Made it Better Was if Harry Was There...

Of course, I'm talking about the Phillies game last night.

I'll admit it: I actually started to do a live blog so I could pinpoint the exact second that Blanton exploded and ruined the season. I got up to the beginning of the 3rd inning and decided that nothing exciting was going to happen.

Next thing I know it's 3-1 and Jolly Cholly is getting tossed out!

Even though I still don't understand the Blanton trade* and I still think we're in for trouble tonight with Myers' return, I gotta hand it to them for pulling off the come from behind last night.

I guess the situational hitting that Charlie was so upset about during the Marlins series worked itself out for at least a half inning last night.

The ups and downs of last night's game seems to provide the perfect opportunity to break out an innovative new Friendly Friends series:

The Friendly Friends' Picturebook!

Here, in easy to follow picturebook format is how Jewbacca felt while watching the Phillies game last night:

1st Inning:

2nd Inning:

3rd Inning:

4th Inning through 8th Inning:

9th Inning:

* They got Blanton to "eat innings" which led to the best quote of the night when Sweaty called me and said "looking at Blanton it appears he ate more than innings."

And if the prospects that the Phillies refused to trade for Sabathia or a better pitcher than Blanton are so good, why not just call them up instead of trading for Joe "Adam Eaton" Blanton?

Flowers courtesy of Mrs. Jewbacca and her gardens!


THN said...

Very nice, especially the third inning photo.

FFJewbacca said...

Thanks. I couldn't find an umbrella so I kicked the crap out of the cat instead. Couldn't post those pictures though.