Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Game 1 World Series: 8:18 PM

Two observations:

1. The Glory soundtrack by James Horner was a nice touch to the WS preamble featuring McCain and Obama. How true it is. Foreshadow much?
2. The fucking cowbells are worse than New Kids on the Block. During the Rays intro it sounded like a whole stadium's worth of contestants were spinning on Wheel of Fortune. I couldn't blast Stevie Wonder any louder and I still want a zombie outbreak in Tampa.


FFJewbacca said...

I have never heard a more annoying cacophony of awfulness.

FFMatt said...

3-2 final, bats cooled by the 9th but Lidge says, "when there was one set of footprints...that's when I carried you."

Phils FTW.

Simpsons Tree House of Horror is still in November. Lidge, take care of that too.