Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bacon: It's What's For Dessert

A lightning bolt should have hit me.

Not only was I, Jewbacca, searching for my Easter basket, but I was about to run into the least kosher Easter treat ever invented.

Mrs. Jewbacca went above and beyond this year. Hidden amongst the Whoppers and Peanut Butter Cups and Reese's Pieces was this beauty:

That's right. A dark chocolate pig with "applewood smoked bacon" and "alder wood smoked salt."

Bacon is possibly my favorite food, and I love dark chocolate as well, so this little pig was right in my proverbial wheelhouse. But the overall feeling as I read more of the packaging was fear.

I'm used to the Easter basket basics. Cadbury chocolate eggs, the can of macadamia nuts, the various Reese's products, the speckled eggs -- they're all expected and enjoyed.

Did this thing, this dark chocolate pig, really have bacon inside?

Apparently it did.

How bad could a piece of dark chocolate with bacon inside of it be? Or better yet: How good could it be? And would it be one small slice? A couple of miniature strips? Would I take a bite and be instantly hooked?

The answers? Ok, no slices but plenty of bacon bits, and fortunately no.

It tasted more like salty chocolate than chocolate-covered bacon. The taste was reminiscent of a chocolate-covered potato chip, which incidentally are excellent. There really wasn't any bacon flavor involved. Even the aftertaste was lacking that smoky bite provided by your finer bacon. There really wasn't any point to using applewood smoked bacon since there really wasn't any bacon taste to be found.

The chocolate itself was excellent. The combination of the chocolate and the salt was nice as well. But there was a pronounced lack of actual bacon taste.

I would love to offer you a second opinion, but Mrs. Jewbacca refused the piece offered to her. Repeatedly.

So, Friendly Friends, you'd be better served to get a hunk of dark chocolate with a small dash of salt on it. Or to dip a crispy, salty, perfectly smoked, lovely, delicious slice of bacon into a dark chocolate fondue.

I'll continue to enjoy my bacon crispy along side my eggs or as the leadoff letter of a BLT or crumbled onto my granola every morning. But at least I can say I tried chocolate-covered bacon.

I'll also let you know if my stomach rebels in a horrible, horrible way.

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