Sunday, September 28, 2008

Did the Focus Groups Know Major Tom Dies in His "Tin Can?"

As much as I enjoy David Bowie, Cat Power and Lincolns (well, five dollar bills and Abe I guess) this latest entry in the "WTF Were the Ad People Thinking" files is brought to you by Mr. Bowie, Ms. Power and the fine people at Lincoln's ad house:

Seriously? You want me to equate your gas guzzling SUV with an ill-fated space flight in a capsule likened to a tin can that, oh yeah did I mention, ends up being the eternal resting place of one Major Tom?

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll be saying it again...and again...and again, I hate this stuff.

This is Cat Power/Chan Marshall. She is nice to look at and has a very nice voice. I don't blame her for this stupid ad.


FFMatt said...

Are you sure that is Cat Power/Chan Marshall? It still looks like David Bowie to me.

Leigh said...

LMAO! I tell my husband/friends/anyone who'll listen the SAME THING every time I see the commercial.