Friday, September 5, 2008

My Morning Jacket: A Review

Tonight was the My Morning Jacket show at the Festival Pier on Penn's Landing.

They seriously tore it up. Completely. They came on at 7:45 and finished at 10:15. Unbelievable. A great combination of old stuff, really old stuff, and awesome new stuff.

I got chill from What a Wonderful Man He Was and Golden put a tear in my eye as usual.

I stink at typical reviews, since all I can say is how freakin great the entire show was. And that would get boring. I don't know the first thing about describing music other than whether it was good or not. I blame Professor Cottle and his soul-sapping Music Appreciation class for that.

To put it in Friendly Friend Picturebook fashion:

7:45 pm to 10:15 pm:

So instead, here are my random observations from a night on Festival Pier, the second worst concert venue in the Philadelphia Area (Great Plaza I'm looking at you):

First, I'm now officially old. The first thing I did when we finally got in was to find a bench to sit on. Festival Pier is a standing room only venue but they provide a few benches that provide zero view of the stage. I sat down. First thing. I didn't have any desire to crush up near the front. I did eventually get up to get a beer and I did sand to watch the show.

Second,I like to collect doppelgangers for people I know, as well as for famous people when I'm in a crowded situation. Tonight I collected exact doubles for the following five people: FFMatt, Mrs. Jewbacca's Brother, Weird Al Yankovic, Kristen Dunst and MC Serch. Every one of them caused me to do at least a triple take.

Third,why do people feel the need to talk constantly through a concert. There were two couples in front of me who literally spent the entire concert talking to each other. The guys talked to each other, the girls talked to each other. During. The. Entire. Concert. Every single song, every break between songs, the entire f'in time. Why? Next time take your Abercrombie and Eagle Hollister whatever the heck popped collars and sit at a bar and talk. Leave me be when I'm enjoying live music.

It was pretty damn awesome, if I haven't mentioned it yet. If MMJ comes to your town, go see them.

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