Thursday, March 29, 2007

Greetings and Salutations: A Mission Statement


We're here.

This is what the internets and the innertubes and the ebays have been clamoring for.

One more general interest blog composed by three guys who barely have the combined intelligence to build that giant Capsela car.

We welcome one and all to the world of The Friendly Friends. We welcome the open exchange of ideas, ribbing of both the good-natured and malevolent type and the fact that the world should bow down to our power.

We are The Friendly Friends. We have a lot to say and we intend to say it.

And you'll like it.


FFCarl Weathers said...

It's funny how the Internets can show so much information but it cannot convey a hug. That's what I wish for all of us here @FF, for the Internets to hug us.

As a third in the Tryptich of Justice and Love (now called Lustice) I invite you to take off your shoes, grab something from the fridge and scratch yourself with no fear.

We're all Friendly Friends here. Feet off the coffee table.

FFSweaty Irishman said...

I can't wait to express myself. For so long my only outlet of expression has been to play the HELL out of my Tambura...but now with this internet finally on computers my shackles have been removed and the world will finally understand the awesome power of Irish persperation!