Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Day Late and a Chocolate Gelt short...

Happy Birthday...Mr. Jewbacca...

Yesterday was Jewbacca’s birthday! Let us all take a moment to pay homage to this man by seeing what other March 26th events remain in the shadow of the birth of the finest Jew since JC.

People born on this day that you are more awesome then:
1. Tennessee Williams – Glass Menagerie Shmenagerie
2. Robert Frost – Fire and Ice? Your last name is Frost…not too creative man!
3. Marcus Allen – His NFL skills can not match your Mutant League Football skills

People whose ass I could kick born on Jewbacca’s birthday:
1. Sandra Day O’Conner – She’s so judgmental
2. Al Jolson – Stick to the talkies and leave the ass kicking to me
3. Jennifer Grey – No one puts Jewbacca in a corner


People I’d bang born on Jewbacca’s birthday:
1. Sandra Day O’Connor – 5 minute recess anyone?
2. Keira Knightley – She’s British and naughty.
3. Nancy Pelosi – It’s a long story but it ends with me as President of the U.S.

Whatever you're selling, I'm buying!

Awesome Film/TV People born on Jewbacca’s birthday:
1. Alan Arkin – Serpentine Jewbacca!
2. Leonard Nimoy – He hasn’t done anything! “Haven’t I?”
3. Ernest Thomas – A black man who made Bill Gates look cool.

Celebrity that probably smells born on Jewbacca’s birthday:
1. Diana Ross – (Maple Syrup & Tire Fire)

I'd have a hangover, but I don't think it'd be from Sweet Love

Delicious people who were born on Jewbacca’s birthday:
1. Duncan Hines – Cake…that’s all I have to say…cake.

People who died on Jewbacca’s birthday:
1. Ludwig Van Beethoven – Made great film about a St. Bernard
2. Walt Whitman – Love his bridges

Historical Events on Jewbacca’s birthday:
1. (1953) Dr. Jonas Salk finds cure for Polio…FDR says “Thanks for nothing!”
2. (1878) Hastings College of Law is founded – Pfft…lawyers
3. (1937) Spinach growers in Crystal Texas erect a statue of Popeye

I think the color adds to the classiness of it.

Sporting News on Jewbacca’s birthday:
1. (03/26/1975) Washington Capitals play an NHL record 37th road game without a win. Also set NHL record of 17 straight loses
2. (1915) Vancouver Millionaires sweep Ottawa Senators for the Stanley Cup

Their best play was called The 23 Scadoo

Happy Birthday Jewbacca! You truly are King of Kings!

By the way… I calculated your draft information on based on your birthday you would have been sent to Vietnam at the get go.


FFJewbacca said...

Thank you so much. I never knew that I shared a brithday with Raj from What's Happening and now I will treasure that fact for all time.

FFMatt said...

That's why he's the king! Right?!?