Friday, March 21, 2008

Sweaty Irishman Thoughts

Yes, it is I. Friendly Friends, I know I have forsaken thee. Like I $24 whore, I left the money on the dresser and have not called you in months. I am happy to say I am back...but not for the whore. Folks, I have been engulfed in a Bermuda triangle of work, diapers, lesson plans, exams and car trouble. I know I have allot of making up to do, but I hope I am given the chance to do so. Lets never fight again.

So is Friday and Mrs. Sweaty Irishman and I decide to sit down to watch a movie we received from our Net Flix line. I settle in with some chocolate almond ice cream and pop the movie Once in the DVD player. By movies end I was nearly speechless. This was such a terrific film! It has been a very long time since I have seen a film that I can call innovative or new. This is a modern day musical set in Dublin. It is about two people whose paths cross and have a romance in the span of a week without ever once getting physical. I am not a mushy guy, but I was just amazed. A beautiful story, very sweet performances and some terrific music throughout the film that was written by the two main characters. I highly highly recommend this film to all the Friendly Friends and beyond. If you are tired of watching the same movie with different titles and want something new, rent this film. Or I will come to your house and play Fleetwood Mac songs like I am John Cusack and you are Ione Skye.">">

The Fact that this film was shot in Ireland had nothing to do with me liking it. It did get me to watch it though.

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Shamalama said...

I submit for your review my thoughts posted on

Once -- 5 Stars

Perfect film: Great acting, wonderful music. I am a big fan of the low-budget indie film; the style creates a more personal, intimate atmosphere and the emotions and feelings are realistic and reach out to the audience better. The duo of Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová is immediately electric and because of their ordinary appearances and personalities you feel a connection to them that is lacking in most blockbusters and Hollywood films. They aren't movie stars and this lends itself to the more personal and human story and tone. I felt that this movie had similarities to Lost in Translation and Before Sunrise, so if you enjoyed those movies you would most likely enjoy this one. Also if you are a fan of music and the creative process this one is for you. The soundtrack is completely worthy enough to be on its own and the performances during the film are incredible.

So, in essence, I concur.