Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Friendly Friends Tackle the NBA Officiating Brouhaha...

Since I hate the NBA and basketball in general, and Sweaty and FFMatt have much better things to do, we've brought in a guest blogger to enlighten us all on the finer points of the possible NBA officiating scandal.

He is none other than the Mighty Malagan.

He emailed me this after much research, soul-searching and other forms of deep introspection. Reprinted below is the entirety of his treatise on the current state of affairs in NBA officialdom. Strap yourselves in....

Guest blogger: Mighty Malagan

Topic: Sports Blog

Recent NBA refereeing scandal: WHO CARES?!?!

I couldn't have said it better myself.


FFMatt said...
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FFMatt said...

I hate pro basketball. The end.

Kobe can get hit by a combine for all I care about his "success" and the resultant spray of bullshit would create delicious, delicious corn to produce even more Rap Snacks for the detentions filled with idiots wearing his jersey.