Friday, August 3, 2007

Dirk Diggler Hates Digitaler Cabler

For the 13th time I tried to watch Boogie Nights, a movie which I’ve only seen pieces of before in popular reference, as it is on my list of Must See Movies (along with The Godfather which I finally saw.)

Over the last 12 times that I tried to sit and watch it on Comcast Cable, the feed goes jerk-ass on the fritz and I’m left blue-balling, in an expectations sense.

So the last time I sat down to watch two nights ago I looked at my patient Harry Potter-reading wife and said, “Watch this…” knowing comes comes next, no pun intended.

7 minutes into the show the feed stutters and drops like an epileptic playing Halo.

My wife didn’t seem impressed or surprised but I know she was, deep down where it's dark and there is a dripping noise with echo. As for me, I’m left torn and sad, wondering why the cosmos picks this of all things to test me with.

So I avail myself to the Friendly Friends...

Olivia (Dropping handful of buisness cards): "Sure you can use my phone..."

Should I eject and focus on something else to obsess about, like Olivia Munn, or buzz the tower by power-walking straight up to Best Buy and asking for one fresh copy of Boogie Nights right over the PA, in a French accent?


FFJewbacca said...

Just get the DVD!! It's worth it.

And who is Olivia Munn?

Giancarlo said...

Keep going the way you're going. It's fun to not-quite-succeed. Just axe Kenny Lofton