Thursday, August 9, 2007

Holy McCr@p!!

Back in May, I brought you this fine analysis of the fine mascots of Philly and how they stacked up to the fine mascots of Pittsburgh, and I believe I called it on behalf of Philly.

I see that I may have been slightly premature in declaring it Philly 2 and Pittsburgh 0. With news of the naming of this nightmare of focus groups and too many marketing idiots the final score is actually Philly: Eleventy Billion and Pittsburgh 0.

The name chosen out of 70,000 submitted?
Are you sitting?
Mrs. Jewbacca I am looking in your direction. Please sit down.

What? The? F?

I blame a show that I hate, without ever having seen a single episode for this name. If it wasn't for that doctor show on ABC where the women use stupid nicknames for the men, non of this would have ever happened.

I'm not the only one. The fine folks at With Leather and Kissing Suzy Kolber have much better analysis of this unfortunate turn of events. Check them out.

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FFSweaty Irishman said...

As an upstanding member of the Irish American community and also its representitive here with The Friendly Friends, I would like to voice my displeasure at the naming of this supposed mascot. First off, he don't even look Irish! He looks Sicilian! Black Death! I also could have sworn I saw him being interviewed by Chris Hansen on Dateline's To Catch a Predator piece. Either way, I am doing my best on my end to having this sickos name changed and also get his mug up on Sex Offenders website across the nation! I offer this as a new name option...
Swarthy Molestenstein.