Saturday, August 11, 2007

Who really runs things in Florida...

If you haven't had the opportunity to live in Central Florida within the last 5 years or so like me and the Sweaty Irishman you haven't had a chance to see who really runs the show. It's not the people. It's not the Governor. It's not even the Mafia. It's this guy:

Who is this charismatic and optimistic guy? An Asian Bunson Honeydew? NO!

He is the man with no name. He doesn't exist in real life. He only exists on the TV tube, as the owner and appliance connoisseur of local upstart Appliance Direct.

What started as a small mom and pop establishment of a few stores, Appliance Direct now stands tall, with this fellow pictured above reigning over Central and South Florida's Appliance empire like an Asian Al Capone controlling the market with an iron thumbs-up. No one steps on his turf and lives to tell about it.

What began as short commercials showcasing the latest products and developments, he's now the William Randolph Hearst of public access television all across the Sunshine State. With his folksy catch phrases to his personal demonstrations of the durability and design of each and every dishwasher to washing machine, he tightens his grip. He is a veritable god of home gadgets: The Whiz of the Whirlpool, Master of Maytags.

Here's a few of his clips:

One of the Irishman's Favs

So, where does this story go from here? That's a good question. At the rate he's taking control of the state, be on the lookout for a store opening near you sometime in the near future. He loves appliances and you'd better fall in line. He's already too powerful, resistance is futile. Or as he would say... It's WACKIE NU-NU!

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