Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Old Things are Cool

I am rehabbing my almost 70 year old house. While tearing out ductwork and an adjoining old beam the typical dusty rain of debris hit the floor: old bits and bobs of things that burrow under carpets, between floorboards and are dropped/inserted into registers.

The air was crunchy with the history and the tectonics of old home life.

This is how I found a 1943 penny.

A few of you Numismatics may know what this discovery implies right away but I didn’t until I did a search on “1943 P…” and Google completed the search before I finished typing “… enny.” A popular search return? You bet. Check it out.

When I picked it up I knew from the corrosion and the year that the war was on at that time and copper was rationed for the war machine. That was enough for me, as a history/war buff. 1943 was a turning point in WW eye-eye in many ways and I had a piece of it in my hands. Kewl.

Did you check out the link above yet? No? Now? Yeah? Ok, so you know I drove home right away to do the magnet test, just to be sure. Without telling my wife (why tease her) I grabbed one of my daughter’s magnets and held it over the penny.

Click. Steel. Damn.

And that’s how it goes for a German with a 1943 penny. Stupid Karma wheel.

Still, as far as cheap thrills go, it was worth every penny (cue Laverne and Shirley laughtrack.)

Another old Penny, oddly enough also from 1943, probably worth at least 80K... in laughter.

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