Sunday, September 9, 2007

Football Season is Here. Yay.

I refused to get excited for this one. I was happy that Donovan was back, but couldn't shake the feeling that the Birds would manage to look inept and lost out there, even against the 106 year old Brett Fav-ruh. The same Brett Favre that cost me the last two seasons of fantasy football in the Yahoo "Good Company" League. He's clearly past his prime, but that didn't stop Moose and the more than annoying Siragusa from kissing his butt for three hours.

I rolled up to the Sweaty Irishman's Country Estate in fine spirits, looking forward to an afternoon of football and Buffalo Chicken Dip and I was not disappointed.

Unfortunately the dip was great, the Eagles were putrid and the good football was contained in the two games of Tecmo Bowl that we played to make the bad things on the TV screen go away. For those of you scoring at home, Game One went to yours truly on an amazing come from behind victory and Game Two went to Sweaty on a blowout.

I contend that as long as the Fat Walrus is coaching this football team, the Eagles will never win anything of consequence. I hope that I am wrong, but after today's display I fear that I am not.

Some random questions from today's debacle (feel free to answer them in the comments if you can):

1. Why did Buckhalter carry the ball after the Eagles interception near the end?
2. Why does the Fat Walrus insist on only calling running plays directly up the middle?
3. Did the coaching staff and player personnel people really think they could just throw a guy into punt return duty?
4. Why does Tony Siragusa get even a millisecond of air time?
5. How come Brett Favre throws a pass while being dragged down and the Fox idiots talk about it ad nauseum and McNabb does it (on a surgically repaired knee) and they say nothing?
6. How come Reggie Brown got three throws in a row, and nothing else?
7. Is there any hope?
8. Why can't Sweaty's Buffalo Chicken Dip cure cancer?

I don't think I can take another full season of this.

At least the Birds have hot cheerleaders. That's about the sum total of the Eagles' upside right now....

For those of you unfamiliar with the Walrus/Bukket phenomenon, please take the time to check out the hysterically funny I Can Has Cheezburger?

[UPDATE: According to Sweaty, the Fat Walrus just started his day after news conference and took the blame for yesterday's loss. He also went on to say that water is wet, the sky is blue and puppies are cute.]


FFSweaty Irishman said...

I can not answer any of those questions. I do have about a dozen more I could ask...such as
1. Why wasn't Brian Westbrook back returning that last punt that decided the outcome? By the way, earlier that same day Westbrook was named to the 75 greatest Eagles of all time, as the punt returner.
2. Why is Philadelphia not a team available on Tecmo Bowl? My theory is even the Japs knew how irrelevent we were.
3. My Buffalo Chicken Dip can cure cancer! It also acts as an industrial sealant and a hand sanitizer.

FFMatt said...

For the first time I seriously considered the connection between the Walrus, his critical thinking and his sons.

The writing is on the walrus, er, wall.