Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Question of the Day....

On this date in 1964 the S.S. Minnow set out on its three hour tour (a three hour tour). We all know how that ended up for them. At least they got to meet the Globetrotters somehow. And was I the only one who hoped for more episodes where Gilligan got knocked out and dreamt that the whole gang was in some non-uncharted desert isle setting?

Anyway, today's question has been debated since September 4, 1964:

Ginger or Mary Ann?

Please vote at the upper right of this fine establishment and feel free to argue in the comments. I have to exclude myself since I done 'em both.

[UPDATE: It seems that out of the vast number of voters taking part in this poll (4) one half voted for each of the ladies. However, Matt has awarded the thread to commenter Little Buddy for his insistence in including Lovey Howell. Therefore, on a technicality, Little Buddy has bettered both Ginger and Mary Ann.]


FFMatt said...

Look at them. Mary Ann, no doubt. Fresh, cute, healty... Ginger looked smokin sometimes but she's high-maintenance; at least half the coconut powered devices on the island were for that spolied brat.

Maryann had the can-do attitude that made me want to.

little buddy said...

Frankly, I'm a little disappointed when this debate comes up because it never includes Mrs. Howell. Why, because she's old? Ugly? Weird and annoying? Likely smells funny? Had a Reuben of a coochie? Motion to add Mrs. Howell to this Question of the Day.

FFJewbacca said...

Motion denied! Maybe we can add her to our list of Celebrities Who Probably Smell. I say Ben Gay and hard candies.

little buddy said...

Fine! But that calls the validity of this whole poll into question. It's like excluding the independent presidential candidate because you know he doesn't have a chance. And dammit, it's just not fair.

Plus, that rich b'yatch knew how to wear a pearl necklace.

FFMatt said...

Wow, Little Buddy, well put. You have now have my vote and win the thread.