Thursday, May 24, 2007

Again, I thought I was Crazy Until They Invented the Internet

At a duly called and scheduled Friendly Friends board meeting earlier this evening, after a hoisting a few at our local brewpub, another one of those hazy childhood memories came to me.

The conversation was quick. I remembered, vaguely, a cartoon that featured some strange superheroes including a guy in a diaper, a guy made out of rope, a crazy clock guy and some other random do-gooders.

Matt remembered them immediately. He claimed that they were called "The Mighty Heroes." And he remembered that they were Rope Man, Tornado Man, Bird Man and Diaper Man.

I felt immediately like I was transported back to age 8 watching these guys in front of the 19 inch with actual dials and rabbit ears.

Sweaty looked at us like we were insane. He's probably right, but these guys did exist.

They were these guys:

It wasn't enough to have this validation. I had to come home and make sure that this wasn't another one of those group hallucinations. And the Intarnets were there for me again. It's nice to have the validation of a fellow Friendly Friend, but the Internet is the final arbiter.

So sit back and enjoy the following. These are the guys I remember:

That's why I love the Internet. It lets me know that at least 10% of my hazy memories are based in reality.

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