Thursday, May 3, 2007

In Other News, The Nigerian Nightmare is Still Alive

Long ago, before Nigeria was known only for it's high rate of dying princes and other nobility who needed my help in claiming millions of dollars from secret bank accounts, it was known as the birthplace of one Christian Okoye.

And there was no bigger fan of the Nigerian Nightmare than The Mighty Malagan. This kid even wore a fake Chiefs jersey with Okoye's name and number and was the only person in the metropolitan Philly area with a Chiefs Starter jacket.

I asked GIS for "Starter Jacket," and all I got was this lousy picture of the USC Song Girls on vacation in Hawaii

So there will be much celebrating in the Malagan household tonight with this news from The Fanhouse:

On "Pirate Master," 16 contestants will live aboard a 179-foot, square-rigged barque. Over the course of 33 days, they'll live as buccaneers, traveling around a Caribbean island in search of a treasure totaling $1 million. Each episode will find the contestants gathering at Pirate's Court, overseen by host Cameron Daddo, where they'll state their case and somebody will be cut adrift.

And one of those "buccaneers" is slated to be none other than Azusa Pacific's own Christian Okoye (who still holds 13 individual records at the school).

This seems like a terrible idea for a show but more puzzling is....why Christian Okoye of all people? Maybe Lawrence Phillips Ricky Williams was too busy?

Big ups to The Fanhouse, via Deadspin

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