Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Optimus Prime....

Apparently, there is some noise over a new Transformers movie coming out this summer or something.

And with any new movie there is undoubtedly an avalanche of movie-related products.

And when your movie is about something that can be made easily into a toy, like say, oh, a truck that turns into a robot, the avalanche is easier to predict and get out of the way of.

Without further ado, and with mad thanks to retroCRUSH (which is truly the "World's Greatest Pop Culture Site in the Whole World") here is a glimpse at the new Optimus Prime:

I was never a big fan. Growing up all my parents could afford were Go-Bots. We couldn't afford to watch the Transformers cartoon and got stuck watching Go-Bots on USA Network.


FFMatt said...

The original Transformers movie had a cuss in it, no doubt bestowing the PG rating upon a movie that also featured Orson Wells; forget that a ship load of Autobots were shot to death graphically in the opening scene. It was the frustrated “Open Damn YOU!” which foreshadowed that Chuck D would soon be right... I must fight the power. In this case, power in the form of Energon Cubes.

That generation was WW2, to this new Autobot’s Iraq. Didn't we learn? We kids were emotionally invested (and monetarily too) in that world. THAT Optimus was as real as a generation of shape-shifting robot could be in the Reagan years. Especially when Rotamus Prime swore (wicked!)

THIS Optimus is lame like every girl here on campus wearing white-frame non-ergonomic box sunglasses fashioned on those from the 80’s.

Leave the original alone. Don’t evolve. Don’t transform.

FFJewbacca said...

Will you marry me?

FFMatt said...

ffjewbacca: Yes. Remember, you don't just gain a husband, but a wardrobe too.

FFJewbacca said...

Somehow I don't think me wearing your clothes makes much sense.

FFMatt said...

You let me watch your figure for you.

Wait, what was the question?