Saturday, May 12, 2007

Is It The Second Sunday in May Already...

...not quite. But it is a mere hour and half away. And what is the second Sunday in May? Why, it's Mother's Day of course, at least in the USA.

Go ahead. I'll wait. I know. I usually forget too. Just skip the roses though. Worse gouging than on Valentine's Day.

Back? Great. To celebrate Mother's Day, I asked Mama Jewbacca to answer some questions for me, you know, as a way to get closer to my mommy and to find out once and for all, who she loves more me or The Mighty Malagan. Here is the Q&A:

Question: If you walked into a cave and found your children being attacked by street corner mimes and you could only save one (child, not mime) which one would you save and why?

(Easy question. Me or the Malagan. I figured she'd pick me. I am much more conversant in the subtleties of Lost)

Answer: Crosby - he doesn't talk back

You know why that is? He's a dog! He could totally bite the crap out of those mimes. He wouldn't need your help!

Question: Ham and Cheese on Rye or Liver and Onions with bacon?

Answer: Ham & Cheese

Funny, and you made us eat all that chicken liver growing up! I was sure you would go for the liver and onions like a fat kid goes after cake.

Question: Would you rather go back and do your childhood again or raise all of your children again?

Answer: Knowing what I know now - raise my kids again

I can't tell if this answer is good or bad. Would she apply something she knows now to raising us? Maybe that would mean less chicken liver for us?

Question: Who was hotter: Abe Lincoln or Zachary Taylor?

Answer: Oh definitely Abe - he reminds me of that burning hot hunk, Buddy Ebsen

I agree. Buddy Ebsen is was a burning hot hunk.

Question: Be honest: How annoying exactly was I as a child?

Answer: Honestly, on a scale of 1 to 5 - 5

Not sure if that's good or not. If 5 means less annoying she's exactly right. If it means more annoying, then she is thinking of the Malagan.

Question: Between you and me, and we’re alone right now, finally admit that you love me more than my sibling(s).

Answer: I love you the best OLDEST son love (can you say "equivocate"?)

See this is a BS answer. I think that she loves Crosby the Dog more than both me and the Malagan. And I am ok with this. He is cute.

Question: Who would win in a fight: Superman or Captain America?

Answer: Superman of course - have you seen Captain America's suit

Right answer, wrong reason. Superman would win because he is Superman.

So, based on these answers I award Mama Jewbacca 100 bazillion points and the title of "No. 1 Mom".

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

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Anonymous said...

# 1 MOM!!!! Thanks "Jewie" (Oy - Mom Mom is turning over in her grave!). I love you AND my little Mighty Malagan too. AND Crosby AND Smudge (YES SMUDGE YOU MEAN LITTLE BOYS) AND Charlie AND KC. But, when push comes to shove, and this is between you and me, I love my two legged sons the most. XXXOOO Oh, and that goes for #3 "son" (who never visits us) The Sweaty Irishman too. Love, Mamma Jewbacca