Monday, April 16, 2007

Correspondent Challenge The Fourth: More Annoying: People From Boston or Boston the Band

So. It all comes down to this. The epic struggle has been well joined and well fought by both Shamalama and pissah. Well, more better fought by Shamalama, but that is just the opinion of, pretty much everyone.

We were just another band out of Boston, on the road and trying to...ah screw it.

Here is the fourth and final battle between these titans of text, these behemoths of banter, these mountains of the monologue these...well, see for yourself:

From the_undercover_pissah:

Well Brad Delp just swallowed the seed of the silver cylinder, so the Band Boston just got 20% less annoying. 40% less annoying if you figure in all his Vegan, animal rights cr@p . So I'd say the people and the band are about even now.

Wait, I stand corrected. I thought I remember hearing Delp had shot himself. Nope, he lit a charcoal grill in a closed room and died of carbon monoxide poisoning. What does a Vegan need a grill for anyway?

The Band Boston is now twice as annoying as the people of Boston. And that's an accomplishment when you talk about a region that allows people to drive in the break-down lane, rather than build bigger roads. That's right, you actually have to merge across a lane of insane jack-arses who are usually driving 15-20 mph faster then the people in the slow lane just to get onto the highway. And to top it off, if you expect to exit said highway, you better have good shocks and be willing to join the insanity. Otherwise, you'll get stuck with a train of people passing you as your futilely try turn into the exit ramp.

According to my search, these are "Boston Nightclub Hotties." Are they hot? I don't know. Are they annoying, most likely.

And from Shamalama:

Seeing as though the Band Boston originated before I did, and also I have never been to Boston I will stereotype each into two categories from what I've learned through the internets, moviefilms as well as classic rock stations.

Gay All Male Harmonizers or Matt Damon and Ben Affleck "R" Dropping Irishmen...

Which do I dislike more?

After summarizing it that way, do we have to have either?

Holy cow. pissah really offers a well-thought, thoroughly sane opinion. You can almost feel the rage that courses through him as he sets out on his commute each day. He didn't go for the cheap accent thing or the whole tunnel collapse or even the "we found some Lite-Brites with a small cartoon character flipping us the bird, let's shut down the city" thing. For my money I would have gone with the goddam Sawx and how I can't take another baseball season of having that crap shovelled down my throat. Didn't they pay $52 million just to talk to some Japanese pitcher? So how are they different from the Yankees? But I digress.

The_undercover_pissah truly weighed the two options and made a very informed decision.

Unfortunately, he loses. Shamalama got the answer 100% correct. Sorry pissah, looks like the final is 4-nil for Shamalama.

Shamalama, you are the big winner of the Correspondent Challenge! Our official prize giver-outer, The Sweaty Irishman, is on his way to your home with your prize. Hope you've had a tetanus booster recently!

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