Monday, April 2, 2007

Correspondent Challenge No. 2: Which State contains more Hispanics?

Alright folks, you had the opportunity to read and report on the winner of argument number 1. It was a close call in my opinion but I would give the win to Shamalama. Not because of anything he wrote, but because I can't get grits at a Dunkin' Donuts. So here is challenge #2. Lend us your eyes and take a gander. I will let you know my opinion at the bottom.

The answer given by Pissah:

Mass wins hands down, there are no Hispanics. Just lots and lots of Portuguese. Wait, is that a win or a loss?

The answer given by Shamalama:

Come on... Come on...

Seriously. You seriously need more proof than that? I will answer the question in a mock David Letterman Top Ten list, minus the lyrical and musical genius of Paul Shaffer.

On a side note, if Max Weinberg, Paul Shaffer, that Black Guy from Jay Leno and Doc Gibbs from Emeril Live got together that would be friggin' awesome. I'd buy that album. Sign me up. That would be like all the kids from Captain Planet combining their powers plus that Power Rangers Robot and all the Ninja Turtles.... That's a goldmine man.

Back to the original topic...

Number 10: Government offices have to declare what language is the official language to use.

Number 9: The name of the state is FLORIDA... a Spanish word.

Number 8: The old governor had to give his speeches in English and then Spanish.

Number 7: I get asked, "Do you speak Spanish? " in perfect English at least 30 times a day. Number 6: Every other radio station is a Hispanic station.

Number 5: Miami, enough said.

Number 4: I have a Spanish nickname from co-workers and I have no idea what it means. Number 3: Our two main sources of economy are agriculture and construction.

Number 2: We are a stones throw from Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and border the Gulf of MEXICO.

and Number 1: actually I don't have another... just make number two number one and so forth in that fashion...

HEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ** As I throw a pencil at the computer screen.

Sweaty Irishman's assessment:

My heart tells me Shamalama is the winner. My head also tells me Shamalama is the winner. However, after reading this debate the only one who inspired any thought on my part was Pissah's comments. Unfortunately the only thoughts it provoked was for me to wonder if a singular Portuguese person would be called a Portugoose. Therefore Shamalama wins this one to me!

You help make the call in the comments...


FFMatt said...

I'm with you, friendly friend. I think Florida wins it (not that Florida ever matters in an election.)

I think the state of Florida could succeed from the Union. They already have the requisite financial foundations in what would be a strong national export with the Florida-based soft-porn channel Telemundo. While under the yoke of the tyrannical US, their chief export was Elian Gonzalez and not considered as lucrative.

Additionally, whatever Hispanics exist above the Mason-Dixon line are obviously spies for expansion after succession.

FFJewbacca said...

The only thoughts I had after reading Pissah's argument is how does that guy get the internet on a LeapFrog Learn 'n Play?