Sunday, April 1, 2007


Well, this FF just returned from spending time with another double F.

French Fries? Naw, G.
Fried Fish? Naw, G.
Final Four? Heck naw, G.
[Note: This Jewbacca refuses to acknowledge basketball as a sport]

No, this FF was taken to see The Fab Faux by Mama Jewbacca as a birthday present.

These guys are absolutely unreal. They are five professional musicians from NYC who have dedicated themselves to the pitch perfect reproduction of the music of The Beatles. And of course, The Beatles are the greatest musical group of all time.

[Note: I will come to anyone's house who disagrees with the above statement and punch them in the neck. Hard. This, I promise to you]

These guys, accompanied by a string section and horns on songs calling for them, did a 3 1/2 hour show in which they reproduced the exact album versions of everything from Yellow Submarine (complete with bullhorns and ocean sounds) to I Am the Walrus (complete with all of the sonic lunacy included in the actual recording). They reproduce the exact sounds of these songs with voices and a myriad of instruments. They do not just make recordings of the Beatles and chop them up. They layer voices and instruments to make each song sound like it is made up of multiple tracks.

Completely unreal. I command all of our readers to see these guys ASAP. It is truly an unbelievable show.

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Anonymous said...

Now, "Jewie".... Mamma Jewbacca didn't raise you to be violent - EXCEPT WITH PEOPLE WHO DON'T GET THE BEATLES - so, you can hold them while I slap them ALL upside their heads!!!!!! Love, Mamma Jewbacca