Monday, April 16, 2007

"Live" Blog: Sharks-Preds: Period Deux

11:07pm- Welcome back sports fans. Settle in for period number 2.

11:08- Quick recap as it gets a bit chippy about 2 minutes in. 1-0 Preds. There. All recapped.

11:09- According to the announcing crew, Suter is being opportunistic. Just like the ladies in that Young MC song.

Some girls are sadistic, materialistic/Lookin for a man makes them opportunistic

11:10- Did Forsberg really just throw a punch? After watching the replay I might too if I had gotten dumped like that. And somehow, since he punched the black guy, they both go to the box.

11:11- Nice save by the post on that one, with help from Nabokov. 4 on 4 with 16:00 left in the second.

11:13- (14:54 left) I felt that slash by Suter. Now how opportunistic was that?

11:14- While watching the replay of the Preds shot that hit the post, Beezer tried to give credit to Nabokov and sounded sad when he realized it did hit the post. Once a goalie, always a goalie.

11:15- According to Beezer, if you can see the puck, you can stop the puck. What a delightfully simple philosophy. Can I use that when I play Powerball next time? If I can see the Powerball, I can win the Powerball.

11:21- What'd I miss? I had to go reeeeaaaalllll bad. Still 1-0.

11:22- Strike that....SCORE!!!!! (11:22 left in the period, how's that for synchronicity?) Sharks tie it up. On my way up the steps to the little Jewbacca's room, I heard Beezer say that Vokoun was putting on a clinic. I guess you would call that jinxing him?

11:26- Sharks on their 4th power play. That's all the PPs in this game. They need to convert on one. Or allow a dogpile on their goalie in his own crease. Whichever.

11:29- And there you go. Not exactly on the PP but the Sharks...SCORE! 7:42 left in the second. That must have been the worst clinic ever that Vokoun was putting on. Shortside? Hug the post man, hug the post! 2-1 Sharks.

11:32- I agree with Beezer. When a guy gets a pass like that and is going in all alone, and that guy is Bill Guerin, you need to hogtie him, McGeough be damned.

11:33- Preds, when you're killing a penalty, you generally don't want to crosscheck a guy. Is it just me, or does Trotz look like a long lost Teutel brother. Shouldn't he be welding stuff in upstate NY?


11:34- 5 on 3 for the Sharks for just over 1 minute. Now 5 on 4 for 44 seconds. I can't take the pressure. And it's just getting ratcheted up with "Crazy Train" playing over the PA.

11:37- PP over. It looks like Vokoun may have been rehired for that clinic.

11:38- Ok. It's that Dodge commercial with the truck falling through the Earth and coming out in China. Now, ignoring for a second all of the stuff the truck passes inside the Earth's crust and core, wouldn't the truck keep falling straight up into the sky when it got to China? This has bothered me for years now. If I dig a hole all the way through to China, and I jump in, I fall, right? Really, really fast? Like 9.8 meters per second squared right? Then wouldn't I just shoot into space on the other side? And why not? If you're falling and there's nothing to stop you, wouldn't you hurtle into space with all the momentum built up falling that far? These things keep me up at night.

11:40. Stoppage with 2:38 left. They want me to look at JP Dumont. I refuse. He screwed me a few years back in fantasy hockey.

11:42- Forsberg wants to go with Thornton? Where was this fire when he played for the Flyers?

11:43- Nashville finally gets a PP. If a guy slashed my goalie's stick out of his hand I would beat him like Don Imus.

11:45- Period Deux fin. Be back in a little bit.

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