Thursday, April 5, 2007

Correspondent Challenge No. 3: Skittles - Deadly or Delicious?

Well Friendly Friends, it's time for round 3 between Pissah & Shamalama. The first two rounds were close but Pissah is down 0-2. Let's see if he comes back strong in round 3.

The Answer given by Pissah:

Choking to death never tasted so sweet!

The Answer given by Shamalama:

Let's step back.... back into time.

The year 1988... Summer... I was a young punk kid with nothing to lose. I bought my first real six-string at the five and dime. That was the Summer of '88.

I liked playing baseball, we wore meat helmets, luge lessons... quite typical really.

What does this have to do with Skittles?

Nothing actually. I just couldn't think of one GOD DAMN REASON NOT TO LOVE THEM!

Just make sure you take them out of the wrapper first. I was hungry, and they were Skittles. Simple mistake. Happens to the best of us, SHUT THE HELL UP!

I must say, I think this was a weak effort on both parts. If you two boys want to be taken seriously, if you want the respect of Friendly Friends everywhere, you will have to put forth a better effort than that! I think you both need to take a little trip. Go visit an old friend...yourselves. He hasn't seen you in a while. He, needs some TLC obviously. Go do some reflection kids. Ask yourself...Am I really a Friendly Friend? Do I have what it takes to push the envelope to the extreme? Are you sexually active? When you have the answers to those questions, then maybe you will be ready to take each other on the way god & nature tapioca. Have I mad any sense? Exactly. Shamalama wins.


FFMatt said...

Conjuring the color commentary style of The Ocho: "Shamalama is no ding-dong. Again, Pissah cannot get on the board and stands there silent and impotent like Jewbacca in the Red Light district."

FFJewbacca said...

That's messed up. It was just that one time and that "lady" had a bigger adam's apple than me.

Nice pic of a guy humping a dog by the way.